Saturday, April 24, 2010

Biting skin off my lips and inside of my mouth??

I do it all the time ... I also bite my nails which turned out to be a disorder ... is biting the skin on my lips and in my mouth some kind of disorder and is there any way to stop?

Biting skin off my lips and inside of my mouth??
Um if you cant stop and have tried you could just have a bad habit or something. Seems like nowadays everything is some kind of disorder. I wouldn't probably stress it too much unless you really do want to stop and can't then maybe I would advise you to seek some kind of medical help or opinions
Reply:If you can't stop the behavior, I'd say it's evidence of an anxiety disorder. Whatever the cause, it must result in some pain. Why don't you seek treatment?
Reply:get some lip balm
Reply:Any sort of compulsive behavior warrants treatment. See your doctor.
Reply:It's surely some kind of disorder related to anxiety. You must learn how to control yourself. Try to relax and go see a doctor.
Reply:I do the same thing! I think it might have something to do with anxiety. I notice that I usually only do it when I am really stressed and I normally won't notice that I have done it until much later.
Reply:This behavior of yours definately sounds like an anxiety provoked reaction of some sort. Having worked in the dental field for over 20 years I've seen many people chew their lips and bite the inside of their mouth. Ninety nine percent of the time it's due to the person being under stress, feeling anxious and nervous and responding to those feelings by chewing on their lips and the inside of their mouth. Let me tell you something that I think you may find interesting and may in a backward sort of way help. You said that you bite your nails also, right? Well, your hands, fingers and nails are ussually filled with bacteria and germs, then you are putting them in your mouth which has open sores both on the lips and the inside of your cheeks. This is a perfect set up for catching God knows what.....strep throat, a virus, the flu, a sinus infection.......and the list goes on. Plus, you could end up with a mouth or lip infecton which could be painful and may need a biopsy if it doesn't heal up in a reasonable amount of time. I don't mean to scare you I'm just pointing out some facts. Here's some ideas to help you quit your biting. First of all try to address whatever is causing you all the anxiety in the first place. Perhaps a therapist may be helpful. Next, try chewing gum and keeping unflavored lip moistuizer on your lips as often as possible. That way they won't be as cracked and dry and have as many little places to bite and rip off. The gum will keep your mouth busy. Also, there are nailpolishes that tase bad made especially for people who want to stop biting there nails. If your cuticles are dry and you like to chew on them also then try to keep your hands and fingers well mousturized. Also if you see how lovely your nails can look without them being chewed up that sometimes makes a difference in poeples behavior. If you are still having problems or until you get some sort of a grip on the situation I suggest that you keep your hands very clean and rinse your mouth with a mild mouthwash several times a day. At least this will help reduce the risk of you picking up a nasty bug and getting sick. I wish you the best. Good Luck
Reply:I actually bite my nails and bite skin off the inside of my mouth too. I do it whenever i'm bored/nervous. One of my health teachers told me once that the frequent trauma to the sensitive mouth tissue could actually increase the risk for mouth cancer later on in life, so i'm trying to stop it. Start chewing gum, or sucking on lolli-pops----move your mouth fixation to something a little bit healthier!
Reply:I don't know what to tell you, but I think you should see a Dr. good luck

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